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SMR Pty Ltd manufacture a range of hardware to suit installation of the R250 into vintage and Classic FAI models.

This hardware includes

  • Engine plates with associated engine and crutch hold down bolts for R250's, Brodak 25's and BB 25 engines (such as GMS, ASP and OS FX 25’s).

  • Tube-crusher style cut outs for both Vintage and Classic models (angled).


  • And straight style tube-crushers for profile fuselages.


  • Venturi and needle valve banjo sets for R250's (available in a range of venturi sizes) and Needle valves in various diameters and lengths to suit Oliver, OS, ST, MVVS, Nelson, PA and many more for sport, combat and racing.


  • Venturi and needle valve banjo sets to suit Classic B engines (5.0 mm)



Here is an example of SMR Pty Ltd's hardware for the R250 with alloy engine plate, all hold-down bolts and integrated cut out bolted to the rear of the plate enabling the model builder to position the tank outlet very close to the rear of the engine for best results.

Installed in a model the engine plate provides a firm connection between the engine and the model frame, and a great mounting point for the shut-off between the engine and the tank.