Some interesting and useful web site contacts are listed below: click on the pictures to go there !

Model Engine News is published on the web on the first of every month. A very very interesting read covering all subjects to do with building model IC engines, and lots of history covering past and present manufacturers. The Index lists all the monthly pages. The Site Map provides links to all pages. The Search page provides simple and advanced searching capability for all the site’s voluminous content.

This is the official site of the Kuringai Model Flying Club, one of the most active Control line clubs in New South Wales catering for all types of racing, speed, aerobatics and combat.
This is one of the best sites, full of information and bursting with good stuff. The site is well maintained is updated with results and interesting articles at least once a month so is the most current regular control line web sites out there. The Club is also the home club of the World Champion F2C pitman Mark Ellins.

This is the premier stunt site for Victoria and contains information and news of the local and national club scene, same web master as the CLAMF site

This is one of the best international control-line sites and contains a wealth of information and history of control line since Noah’s son started practicing carrier flying on the deck of the ark. A lot of how-to-do information, fuel stuff and the like and it a credit to Goran Olson who put it all together.

This is the home of all the control line flying fraternity all around the World, its not happening if it not happening here

Lances Web Site
This is Lance’s Web Page. It has lots of relatively interesting stuff about Classic B, fuel developments, engine developments and the like. Needs a face lift but hell we have been building other web sites and putting in new pages so it all requires time. Worth a look at.

ALCN Classic FAI Site
This is Dave Kidd’s Classic FAI web page showing FAI team-race models past and present from the late 1960-early 1970 classic period of racing. “FAI team racing as it was before 1970, when models were beautiful, inexpensive, and flew over grass at speeds most people can cope with. A move toward re-creating this kind of racing commenced in Australia late in 2008.” This site also includes the Classic FAI team race rule proposals put forward in 2008.

Australian Control Line Forum
This is the site of the very popular Australian Control Line Forum. A very familiar feeling forum with great features and facilities. You can explore their picture galleries, links page, news archives, and much more by clicking the Homepage link near the top left hand corner of the screen once in the pages.