Fuel Tanks for Vintage A Class Team Race

_I have seen and heard a few different suggestions for the tank set up for this event and here offer my views.
_At the best setting my engine would go over if either I richened it up or increased the compression.

_Typical is a strong acceleration with no misfire until about 1-1/2 laps followed by about 5 laps where I believe it is running a little cool and misfires about 5 times per lap before settling down to about 2 misfires per lap. This setting gives me my best airspeed and best laps.

_I use a uniflow tank positioned outboard so it will lean out as the speed increases, the reasons for this are as follows;

I have a rich tune on the ground which makes cold starting and warm up much easier, in my case usually only a few flicks and then only about 10 seconds before it starts to run steadily and gets quickly up to temperature.

The rich ground setting allows it to accelerate strongly without any tendency to cut out.

Finding a setting is safer as it always leans out in the air the tendency is that it will probably be misfiring too much rather than going over.

to view some fuel tank pictures